Clip – bubblegum blowing fetish (from the archives)


This was a request I got a while ago from one of you who has a bubblegum fetish. you know who you are… lol. I shove a bunch of pink bubblegum in My mouth and chew it up, pulling the sticky goo out of My mouth repeatedly to get it nice and soft. Then I start blowing bubbles – they start small, but they get huge! One even got so big that it got stuck to My glasses LOL!

This clip is a pretty old; I found it while going through My servers. I saw it and remembered that I made it at My old apartment for My loser gum freak lol. And now I’m posting it here for all of you to buy and enjoy. you’re welcome.

NOTE: This clip is “From the Archives,” which means it is around 10 years old. Technology was not what it is now, and the video quality reflects this.