Clip – Luxury Relapse Hypnosis


This was a custom clip, but I really do think it is the best clip I’ve ever created. This clip was for luis, My long-time bitchboy who repeatedly relapsing-fantasy to Me and being humiliated over and over throughout the years. he wanted a sort of ‘time capsule’ mindfuck that he could watch 5 years from now and see just how far he’s progressed into being exactly what I’m programming him to be…

I pulled out all the stops here! I’ve incorporated his foot fetish, of course, and a few fantasy scenarios we’ve discussed over the years that I KNOW you will find SUPER hot! The clip is 8 minutes longer than he paid for, and it contains mindfuck, brainwashing, mesmerizing spirals, subliminal messages, binaural beats, and more! Are you man enough to take on this clip…?

Headphones HIGHLY recommended!

WARNING!!! Not for those with epilepsy, seizure disorders, or other neurological disorders. NEVER listen to or watch this clip while driving or operating heavy machinery. Wait at least 30 minutes AFTER having watched this clip before driving or operating heavy machinery! I am NOT liable for anything this clip makes you do!!! I am a certified hypnotist and have been practicing brainwashing, mindfuck, and forced servitude through hypnosis for over a decade. Buy this clip AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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